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   First let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph Junker and I live in south central Alaska. I built and own N179WT which I'm sure you have seen in the photo gallery as (one 'tired' Rebel). In the past I would communicate with Robin or Colleen Dyck but it is my understanding that they have left Murphy. All said, I thought I would pass along some pictures to you. I am sure they will get where they belong. Niner Whiskey Tango is now over 11 years old with over 1,100 hrs. It has been from Alaska to North Carolina and still going strong. In the land of the renowned Super Cub she is getting a reputation of being not only a capable little pickup truck but a bush flying competitor as well. I would never take anything away from a great airplane like the cub but it seems, anything they can do so can the Rebel, and, as you will see in the pictures, it can do a few things they can't. 
   Last fall during our moose hunt, our hunting buggy broke in half. Pictures 026 and 029 are of the broken 1950 Chevy rear-end lashed to the float for transport and repair. It's good to see a Rebel with an external load. As Murphy (no pun intended) would have it, while I welded most of the night so I could get back to camp with the repaired part early, a 56" bull was taken early the next morning. So it went, put the buggy back together then start flying meat, gear, and people.
   The next couple of photo's 093 and 094 have to do with the earlier claim that the Rebel can do some things a cub can't. Just try to place a 56" moose rack inside a cub!  This has always been an impressive little airplane and it never ceases to amaze me. Probably the only real negative is the fact that the interior is so big it can easily be overloaded. It becomes very easy to say "Ah, it's only one more hind quarter - we've got room." !  

   Just thought these might interest somebody,

                Thanks, Joseph

 026     029

  093    094