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      Hear what some of our Happy Customers have to say about their Murphy kits.
      The owners on these pages have agreed to talk to anyone interested about their
experiences with the various models. You can ask questions by email, and visit them if you
want to try sitting in one before you order, or maybe even get to ride along with them
on a trip into scenic mountains or lakes !

British Columbia, Canada       Rebel on Murphy 1800 amphib floats
                                          "The World's Greatest Float Plane !"(TM)

Walter Klatt     Click to email :

  Walter 1  Walter 2

     I am indeed a happy customer and believe that the Rebel on amphibs is still  the best (by far) floatplane out there for its size. Even the last few years, I have learned some things about my plane that make it even more outstanding. So, I do think a lot of people are missing out, when I see competing kits being sold for higher prices, but a lesser product in terms of performance, usability and safety.

     What other amphib can take off in 6 seconds and 264 ft (verified by GPS), and also cruise at 120 mph using only 8.5 gph ??!!   ... And can haul a heavy load with a canoe !

     Being an avid float flyer,
I love talking to people and sharing my experiences with my Rebel, including taking people out for a flight.

     Here are links to some of my videos: