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      Hear what some of our Happy Customers have to say about their Murphy kits.
      The owners on these pages have agreed to talk to anyone interested about their
experiences with the various models. You can ask questions by email, and visit them if you
want to try sitting in one before you order, or maybe even get to ride along with them
on a trip into scenic mountains or lakes !

Colorado, U.S.A.          Murphy Moose with M-14P radial

Ted Waltman      Click to email:

                           Ted Waltman

     "The Moose is a true load-hauling aircraft.  Not many--very few in fact--aircraft offer one the ability to load full fuel, four 150+ lb passengers and still have room for 200+ lbs of baggage! " Even at 3,500 lb gross weight, Ted is able to take off in less than 1,000' on a standard day at his 5,000' field elevation. "Cruise with the M-14P, depending on configuration, weight, and engine model, ranges from 120mph to 135mph at 12.5 gph to 16gph."
   Ted - Mineral Canyon     Ted - Alaska

     Ted Waltman has over 750 hours in Moose aircraft (both Lycoming and M-14P radial-engine).  Ted has built three Moose and performed pre-purchase inspections for numerous Moose/Super Rebel buyers.  In addition, Ted offers a "Transition to Super Rebel/Moose" 2 to 3 day training session where he has taught several new Moose owners the unique flying characteristics of the aircraft.

     Here are links to some of his videos:

    You can find lots more on YouTube !