Murphy  Rebel Sport  FAQ's

1. How complete is my Rebel Sport Kit?

Your Rebel Sport kit, if ordered without an engine, is delivered to you, firewall back. The cowling is available with the engine package. If you wish, you may order any part of the engine package separately. You will also need to acquire instruments (wiring), chemicals, paints and glue for finishing the flaperons and paint for the fuselage (if desired). For corrosion protection, PolyFiber Epoxy Primer is recommended for your kit. The kit does not include upholstery but all seat frames and rails are standard.

2. Which engines can I use in my Rebel Sport ?

Murphy Aircraft has developed three engine packages for the Rebel Sport: the Rotax 912 (80 hp), the Rotax 912 (100 hp), and the Lycoming O-235N2C (116 hp). However, you are not limited to these engines. The Rebel Sport is capable of handling 275 lb. forward of the firewall. Murphy Aircraft does not manufacture engine mounts or cowlings for other than our standard engines. Please contact the factory for further information.

3. What is the size of the crated kit?

The complete kit (firewall back) will be approximately 2’ x 4’ x 12’ 6" and approximately 850 lb., which can easily be picked up in a standard 8’ bed truck.

4. Is the kit under warranty?

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. warranties all parts to be free of defects in workmanship or materials. Please check our offer to purchase for specific details.

5. Can the Rebel Sport be purchased in separate major component kits?

As shown in our price list, the Rebel Sport can be purchased in a complete kit package or in several component kits. One package includes the control and tail section, a second offers the wings, while a third presents the fuselage. As well, we offer a choice of one Lycoming and two Rotax engine kits. If ordering the Lycoming engine, please allow for a four-month lead time from the Lycoming factory.
** Individual component kits are now only available to builders who have already completed at least one component kit, to allow them to complete. We hope to resume full supply in the future. **

6. What is the present delivery schedule?

Delivery schedules vary according to seasonal demand and the type of package you desire. Please contact the factory for current delivery schedules.

7. How much room is required to build a Rebel Sport ?

The Rebel Sport can be built in as little space as a one-car garage, although due to storage problems, a larger space is more desirable.

8. What skill level is required for construction of the kit?

The required skill level is relatively low, although a basic mechanical aptitude and familiarity with shop tools is necessary. A basic knowledge of aircraft construction and metal techniques is a great asset. As can be expected, an experienced builder will complete the task in considerably less time.

9. What is the actual construction time?

This is a very difficult question to answer because everyone works at a different pace. We estimate the average purchaser will require 800-1500 hours. However, our factory technicians are able to build an aircraft from the kit in less than 700 hours.

10. How do I prevent corrosion of an all-metal kit?

A corrosion protection kit, which includes PolyFiber Epoxy Primer and other metal surface treatments, is strongly recommended. There are also other processes available. Please call for details.

11. What basic engine and flight instruments are recommended?

Basic Rebel Sport instrumentation should include an altimeter, air speed indicator, tachometer, cylinder head temperature gauge and compass. Depending on the engine used, water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges are also required. Depending on National or Local aviation regulations, other instruments may be required.

12. Can I mount floats on my Rebel Sport ?

Since the Rebel Sport is an ideal float plane, hard points for float are standard equipment. Both straight and amphibious models are available from Murphy Aircraft.

13. Which floats can I mount?

The Murphy 1500 series and 1800 series Floats are available.. When purchasing floats for your Rebel Sport, make sure they are of sufficient size to accommodate the gross weight.

14. Is any type of trim system available for the Rebel Sport?

Yes, there is a standard electric elevator trim included.

15. Are individual parts available from the engine packages?

Yes, any part may be purchased individually.

16. Does the Rebel Sport have Folding Wings?

The wings on the Rebel Sport do not fold. However, the tail section does fold up and the wings can be detached. The approximate time required is 45 minutes to 1 hour for 2 people, after draining the fuel.

17. What is the capacity of the baggage area ?

In the Rebel Sport, the capacity is based on the engine used and the weight and balance of each individual aircraft. As a rule of thumb, we suggest about a 100 - 150 pound capacity.

18. Is a parachute recovery system available?

Not that we are aware of.  However, BRS has developed large systems and may be able to provide a solution for the Rebel. 

19. What are the cross wind capabilities?

The Rebel Sport will handle cross winds of up to 20 mph.

20. Do the Rebel Sport specifications match ultralight criteria?

This is a difficult question to answer. In many countries, it does not; however, some countries may allow the Rebel Sport to be registered as an ultralight aircraft depending on the particular configuration and that country’s specific regulations. For example, according to Canadian regulations, the Rebel Sport may be registered as a basic ultralight in Canada as long as its gross weight is less than 1200 lb. However, to make this weight some changes may have to be made to the airframe. For details on these changes, please contact the factory.