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        Bob & Anna Patterson—LSA Rebel Camping                                   Bob's current Rebel
                             in Quebec, 1991
                                                       The Hot Rod - O-320, STOL kit
           Chair & all that gear - in an 80 hp. Rebel Sport !

Welcome to Patterson AeroSales !

I'm Bob Patterson, a Private pilot with over 3,000 hours, incl. 1,100 gliding and 2,000+ tailwheel. Float rating, amphib, Glider pilot, gliding instructor, mountain wave camp CFI, glider aerobatics, & towpilot. Anna is also a Private pilot, Glider pilot, & towpilot. Together we have owned 10 aircraft, including 4 Murphy Rebels, and flown many different types, including all of the Murphy product line.

For over 25 years, we have been providing a Marketing, Sales, and Systems Management service for companies in the Aircraft, Accessories, and Engine businesses internationally. We have worked with clients in Canada, USA, the UK, Australia, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, South America - and many more !

Patterson AeroSales

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.
For over 25 years, we've been working with the great team at Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd., most of the time as an Independent Factory Rep.  I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you while helping out in the Murphy booth at airshows. Anna and I have been organizing the bi-monthly Murphy Builders of Ontario meetings since 1991, and have enjoyed helping many builders 'Toward the Flightline'. The annual Rebel Ramble Fly 'n Camp trips are another of our promotional efforts. Over the years, these have ranged from weekend jaunts to 4+ week runs to BOTH coasts - great fun and experiences for builders !

We provided full Marketing & Sales Services for Murphy for over 6 years, while they recovered from the economic collapse in 2007, working to make a smooth transition to this new sales model in 2008, and continuing until late 2014. We now work with the current marketing and sales management.

We are now providing a sales service to the Murphy factory, acting again as an Independent Representative for the full line of kit aircraft. The factory will continue to provide parts & technical support for builders. New KIT orders are  on an 'accumulation' basis, with 10 orders required to start a production run, while PARTS orders placed directly with the factory will be scheduled for immediate delivery. We look forward to helping you with your kit orders.  The Renegade biplane, Maverick microlight, and Rebel Sport are well known popular Light Sport flyers. The Rebel, Rebel Sport, and Moose are used around the world as roomy, rugged bush aircraft. All are produced as complete firewall-back kits, with pre-punched skins, for ease of construction. Murphy straight & amphib floats are also popular kits.

Thank you for your interest and support. I'm here to help with your questions and kit orders!

Click here to learn more about Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

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Happy Rebel Ramblers
  Happy Rebel Ramblers   
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