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 ** If you don't see what you want, CALL US !    We have several new listings that aren't here yet ! **  
       Some are:  1  Lycoming Rebel on Amphibs, 1  AULA Rebel Rotax 912-UL, 1 A/B Rebel Rotax 912-UL...        

Please click on pictures below for a PDF with details

      Rebel                        for sale       Rebel U/L Ron L.

                        Now only $ 69K CAD !                                   Rebel Ultralight -    ----SOLD -- !

     Moose SOLD      Rebel JA

           Flying Moose -      - S O L D - !                                  Estate Sale -         - SOLD -
           Rebel Project DJ     Rebel                        for sale
             - S O L D -  You have to be fast !        SOLD - You need to move quickly !  
        SR Project      Challenger II

     Priced for quick sale - SOLD - !                               - SOLD -  New REBEL coming !

      Elite for sale       Super                        Rebel - SOLD
                  Price dropped !!   ... and SOLD !                                           - S O L D -             

      If you would like to advertise your aircraft here, please email us at:


       We will need 4 or 5 photos, and a text description.  Don't worry about layout,
       we'll look after that !

                    We will be pleased to answer your questions - just Contact Us !